Family Photography

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I want to share something. I am crazy passionate about family photography.

And I am crazy passionate for a few reasons. First, because it captures who we are. Who we are as a family. Who we are as individuals who make up a unit that deeply care for one another. Who we are as mothers, as fathers, as sisters and brothers.

Second, it’s because it doesn’t last. Family lasts, but those little moments don’t. Those little giggles, those tiny toes, the way everyone piles in laughing for a group hug. The tender way he holds the baby, the gentleness in which she tends to the fussiness, the way you just look at each other and think ‘how could I love you more?’ They all become distant memories. People grow up, people change, people go through rough times. But these moments are here. They are now. The same one’s won’t be here next summer.

Why I am I so passionate? Because I get to create memories with you and leave you with a legacy through professional family photography that draws you back in to those golden summer days.

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