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Creating with Light

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I love to create. It’s something born in me; something I can’t escape. I love trying out new things, new textures, new ideas.

If I couldn’t create a part of me would just shrivel up.

I love creating with photography.

There is just so much to it. Mastering photography (a dream of mine) is mastering light.

I love playing with the light, seeing how it interacts with its environment; seeing how it reflects and bounces; seeing how different light can tell a story.

You can do so much with light; you evoke emotion with light - bright and airy creates a feel of summer and laughter and joy; dark and moody can make for tender images, cozy stories. Little patches of light can highlight the pieces of the image that you want to draw the viewer's attention to, where you want them to linger.

My littles are growing so fast; I love that through photography I can capture the authentic stories of their childhood. I can create images to hang on our walls, albums they can flip through and remember - and when they are too little to remember, I can tell them the stories that go with the images. Already, with my eldest being two we cuddle on the couch and look through images and talk about four-wheeler rides, swimming in the pond, and kicking a soccer ball (rather haphazardly) around with daddy.

I can’t wait to share even more of the adventure with them; capturing it through the play of light, allowing my creativity to be a part of their story.

The Truth Behind "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch

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“I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living,

My baby you’ll be”


I don’t know many people who haven’t read this beautiful children’s book. It seems everyone has a copy tucked away on a shelf. The story always evokes some sort of emotion in the reader. Some find the mother’s love so endearing and it pulls at their heartstrings, others find the mother’s continual routine of sneaking into her sons bedroom to rock him after he is asleep a bit odd - especially once the boy enters his teen years and moves on to becoming a man.


I have personally always loved the story; and after having my own boys I feel the ode to motherhood and the love that never ends but only grows.


Recently, I discovered the reason behind the book - and I have to say, it broke my heart and made the book even more special. Knowing why something was so lovingly penned can plant something deeper in your heart.


Robert Munsch wrote this song after he lost his two children to stillbirth. It was a song he would sing to them in his head because singing out loud would always make him cry. He and his wife went on to create a family through adoption - welcoming three beautiful children into their homes, lives and hearts, but as anyone who has lost a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth knows - you never stop loving those sweet souls. Never stop missing them, never stop grieving the loss.


The song eventually turned into the well - loved book that it is today when Munsch, at a book reading at the University of Guelph, realized that while he could never sing the words out loud it was something he could share through a story - and so, in that theater hall, he told the story of “Love you Forever” for the first time. People really connected with it. It struck a chord. Parents bought it for grandparents, grandparents bought it for each other, kids bought it for parents, everyone gifted it to the mother-to-be.


I think when something is written with such heart, love, and feeling behind it people can’t help but connect. You can feel it through the song and through the words of the story. Everyone has a different way of singing the lullaby to their little ones. I know I have softly sung it to my children soothing them through the night hours. Now, knowing the why behind the story, the song becomes that much more tender, that much more dear, that much more strength of love flowing as I stare at their sweet faces.


Thank you Robert Munsch for sharing your story - and the reason behind it - with the world.


My Approach to Family Photography

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“What is your approach to family photography?”


This is a really good question to ask any photographer that you are looking to book for your next family session. Knowing their approach and philosophy behind their work can actually save you a lot of stress. You might wonder whether or not you’ll all be posed into perfect positions and asked to smile or say cheese and hope to goodness your toddler listens. Or you might be worried that your temperamental five year old might not last more than 10 minutes into the session and what are you going to do then? Or you worry that the hour long photo shoot is going to end with everyone exhausted, with aching cheeks from fake smiles, and that slightly unsure feeling that the an image you will fall in love with was captured.


Let me share with you my philosophy.


  1. Laidback: No Stressing Allowed. That’s right mom. Tonight, you’re off the hook. You get to relax, sit back and enjoy your family. I’m on duty; and guess what? I love it and (bonus!) I have lots of experience. I have worked with children of pretty much all personalities, temperaments and exceptionabilites. You don’t need to worry about everyone showing those pearly whites - just enjoy being mom. Let me direct, be the tough one if need be, and guide the session into something your going to absolutely love.

  2. Meaningful: Perfect posing has its place; but not during my family photography sessions. I know some extremely talented photographers who are masters at getting everyone posed, each detail to perfect, and getting everyone looking, smiling, and feeling real (all at the same time!). But for me, I want to capture you. I want to capture what makes your family really your family; because in all honesty it’s the little details. You know them. The back of his curly toddler head, the sweet way they offer a brotherly hug followed by a noogie, the tender way he cups your elbow. All of those precious pieces of you is what I am there to capture, to bring to life in a fun, meaningful and laidback way.

  3. Fun: Real smiles, real laughter, real joy. That is my aim! You are going to have so much fun connecting as family during your session. Get this even the dads have fun. I will have you cuddled in a family squeeze, laughing, dancing, walking together, and enjoying tender moments with each family member.

Trust me. We are going to have a great time together. Your going to have images you adore, have beautiful new memories, and have had a time you thoroughly enjoyed. Can’t get much better than that right?


Have any questions? I would love to chat about creating your perfect family photography session.

How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

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Congratulations! Pregnancy is such a beautiful time full of dreams, little kicks and turns, and an exciting future ahead. It can also be hard, exhausting, and you don’t always feel your best or your prettiest. But remember - pregnancy is beautiful, you have that amazing glow, and your body is doing something amazing - new life is growing inside you.

Location: Sit back, close your eyes for a minute and imagine your session - where do you want to be? A gorgeous open field? The beach with the sand squishing between your toes? A favorite park with a forest close by? An urban feel? Or maybe it’s the comfort of your own home. Start with what you want the backdrop of your images to be; when you know the landscape you want it’s as simple as picking the spot.

Belleville, Kingston, Cobourg and all the surrounding areas have so many gorgeous locations and conservation areas we can easily find something to suit your vision.

Who is included in the session: The focus of a maternity session is you and the beauty growing inside of you; but we also want to celebrate Dad -  his love and pride for his coming baby and any siblings who are eager for this new joy to enter their world.

Wardrobe:  Pregnancy is such a special time - and you are a beautiful (even if you don’t feel like it). I always suggest moms - to - be to stop and enjoy this bit of time to pamper yourself and celebrate. These are images that you will look back on and cherish. Spend time doing your hair and makeup you love. Select clothing that makes you feel like the queen you are. Flowing dresses are incredible flattering and look amazing with a baby bump but your personal style is important to incorporate into the shoot. Choose your outfit first and coordinate any other outfits around yours. It’s your day - let’s celebrate what you are creating!

How to Prepare for your Newborn Session

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What better way to welcome your sweet newborn into the world than capturing the awe and love of your family towards this little person who has entered your home and captured your heart? Welcome sweet one, welcome.

My newborn style of photography is a relaxed approach capturing your little in their new environment. Typical places I shoot is the master bedroom, nursery, and a corner of the living room. When I arrive I will scout around your home looking for where the natural light falls the best and will utilize those spaces.

Day of the Session: As a new parent you’re going to feel exhausted, bursting with joy, some lows, and exhausted (yes, that deserves mentioning twice). So I want you to relax before your session - don’t go on a mad cleaning rampage, we can easily quickly pick up the areas we are going to use for your session. Take your time getting ready - and if you would like, I will bring a hair and makeup stylist for you Mom. You just went through a lot, you deserve a little pampering!

Sessions usually take place mid morning when the sun is bathing your home in gorgeous natural light.

Your Baby: You and I both know - babies are perfect just the way they are; which is why I don’t do any significant posing or props. I let baby guide the session, capture their little personality -  whether asleep or awake - and all of the tiny little details. (Little baby toes!!). I recommend feeding baby about 15 minutes prior to the session which will help them feel contented; but don’t worry, we can take lots of breaks. Dress your baby in a form fitting white onsie without any graphics or sayings and have a few favorite swaddling blankets around to tuck around your little one.

Siblings: I start the session by capturing images of the family together with the new baby while the session is interesting and exciting for your other children. Let your children know that a friend is coming to take pictures of them and their new baby - let them know how excited you are and that it will be a fun time. We will spend time cuddling baby and capturing meaningful images of the family with your new arrival.

Mom and Dad: Having a new little baby can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be hard. Mom and Dad - your job is to relax and enjoy your baby. Breathe in these little moments, sweet smells, and just enjoying being yourselves.

Wardrobe: Neutral and comfortable; coordinated but not matching. Mom, dress yourself in something you love and feel comfortable in and from there select the children’s and hubby’s outfit based on your outfit. If you need any help I am always on stand by - feel free to send me a message with pictures of outfits and I can help you pick the right pieces!