Preparing For Your Family Photography Session

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Hello there! If you're reading this you have either booked a family photography session or are envisioning your next session. Don’t worry - while planning can sometimes seem overwhelming I am going to break it down for you. It can actually be a lot of fun - and if you still feel lost, I’m only a phone call away. I love helping families design their sessions and discover the perfect vision for their family. There are a couple important details to go over. Let’s start!

Location: First off, Location is an important part of your session. Sit back, close your eyes for a minute and imagine your family session - where do you want to be? A gorgeous open field? The beach with the sand squishing between your toes? A favorite park with a forest close by? An urban feel? Or maybe it’s the comfort of your own home. Start with what you want the backdrop of your images to be; when you know the landscape you want it’s as simple as picking the spot.

Ontario has so many gorgeous locations and conservation areas we can easily find something to suit your vision.

Time: The time of day your session takes place plays a huge role in the outcome of your images. That soft golden light in the early morning and late evening creates such a dreamy feel to your images. 1-2 hours before sunset is recommended; if you have little ones a later nap helps them to be happy and content if it’s a little past their usual bedtime.

Home sessions are generally done late morning when the sun is the brightest and flooding your home with natural light.

Length of Session: Sessions typically last about 1 hour; they are relaxed, meaningful and most of all fun! Don’t worry - this time frame gives me plenty of time to capture a diverse and beautiful gallery for you. Now remember, no stressing, 1 hour is not a fixed time, if we need a bit longer or need to take a break for the littles to grab a snack and regroup it’s more than fine! Relax, and enjoy the session and the memories we are creating.

What to Wear: This is actually so much fun! I suggest two things - 1. Don’t attempt to ‘match’ but coordinate instead 2. Dress Mom first! Mom, we know your the one typically behind the camera capturing your family at the park, doing their crazy kid antics, and those adorable sleeping faces - this is your time to shine in front of the camera and showcase the love and pride you have for your family. Dress yourself in something you love and feel comfortable in and from there select the children’s and hubby’s outfit based on your outfit. If you need any help I am always on stand by - feel free to send me a message with pictures of outfits and I can help you pick the right pieces!

Props: Little props can make such a difference in the unique beauty of your session. Does your child have a special lovey or teddy they always have in hand? Perhaps a favorite book you snuggle down to read every night together? A special quilt you can all pile on that has special meaning? Clients have found that these small additions have added so much meaning to their final images.

Your Children: Let’s be real - kids will want to pose and smile for a picture for maybe 10 seconds before they are off running. Don’t worry; my goal is to capture authentic family images that showcase your unique beauty as a family. It’s okay for the kids to play, explore, and be themselves. I have lots of little tricks up my sleeve to keep the session fun and engage your littles to capture the images you so dearly treasure. Trust me, we are going to have a fun relaxing time. Clients often say they are surprised at what a good time they have during the session (even the kids!). Sessions are always full of laughter, family cuddles, and sweet moments forever held in the images created.