Everyday Magic

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He literally burst to the top of the stairs. I don’t think his feet touched the floor he moved so fast down the hallway. I was halfway down having just enjoyed a few minutes of peace using the washroom (a rarity - you mom’s can testify!). He was supposed to be in bed.

“Caden…” I began. But he stopped me.

“Mommy!” he actually stamped his foot. “It makes me very not happy when you go the bathroom and go downstairs and don’t check on me.”

This kid cracks me up.

Every night I slip into his room (as probably all moms do) and peek in on him. Watch him tucked away in pleasant dreams, cuddled with his favorite bear, light trickling in from the hallway. It always tugs at my heartstrings...tomorrow, he will be that much older.

When I tuck him in at night I always let him know that mommy comes and checks on him before she goes to bed - he is afraid of spiders and this, along with his trusty headlamp, helps him drift off.

Apparently, however, bathroom breaks will also be a new checking in point. But I don’t mind. It will only last so long. And then I will be wishing for his little voice to holler at the top of the stairs for me to check on him just one more time.

This is one of the reasons I fell in love with photography - the opportunity to document all of these little moments. The sleeping eyes, squinting from the light mommy let pour into the room for a split second, the blankie and bear he never loses sight of, the way his hair tousles against the pillow.

To me, this is magic. I am so thankful to be a family and lifestyle photographer and hold on to moments like these.