Hi, I’m Jessalyn, 

a passionate photographer and full on boy mom. I’ve got three boys 3, 1.5 and 6 months. My three musketeers. 

When I was pregnant with my first son I realized two things: 1. I was in desperate need of a creative outlet that I could carry on after he was born and 2. I wanted to capture the real him - not overly staged images - but the real little one that I knew and loved. 

So, I purchased my first camera, dove into learning everything I could, watched youtube videos until my eyes went blurry and read every book I could get my hands on. As he grew so did my skills, and so did my passion. When my second son was born I began using my skills to capture more families than just my own - and that was amazing. I felt such an intense joy capturing the reality and beauty of family.

All of those meaningful moments, you could now hold on to them forever. They were photographs that invoked something on an emotional level, that brought you back to a moment in time. 

That is my passion: to give you a portrait that you stop and stare and hold close to your heart.

the magic

The absolute magic is that this is a photography experience born out of passion and curated just for you.  From our first contact to the last hug goodbye everything is about you. It starts with dreaming up your session and talking about the unique beauty of your family. Discovering the perfect location, a little wardrobe advice, and the beauty of you.

Let's be real for a moment. The experience is amazing - honestly, you’ll love it. The absolute real magic though is seeing your loved ones in images that are there for a lifetime; capturing you right now in the everyday, messy beauty. Your heart overflowing with love and emotion; seeing your beautiful connected family together.

It's about all of the memories, all of the personalities, summed up in a collection of images to be treasured for a lifetime.

That's the real magic.

The real magic is you.